Meet the Benebabes

Patrick Jasper-Duncan, Experience Expert
After more than twenty years, Patrick considers himself a “native” Augustan. With more than 8 years property management experience and a vividly inspired soul, Benebu has been the perfect culmination of everything he loves about business. From helping to design Benebu homes with the perfect local art and touches, to sharing local knowledge with guests, Patrick is passionate about creating a wonderful experience for each customer. In describing Patrick, we can tell you that yellow is the color of his soul. Bright and happy, warm and fun, he lives to make others around him smile. His passion for people is one of the many qualities that makes him an outstanding short-term rental host. Inspired by the strength of his late mother, Patrick strives to care deeply for those around him. Glimpsing into Patrick’s home on any given weekend you will find him curled up on the sofa with his two beagles and his husband, Matt watching HGTV. His passions for interior design, renovation and of course shopping make him a unique asset to the Benebu team. If you ask him about his favorite past-time he will tell you that it is tending to the many, many houseplants that he has taken to collecting throughout the pandemic. There may not be room left in their home for the dogs or humans, but it will be full of joy and life through his “Little Shop of Horrors.” Patrick’s perfect vacation would be anywhere that includes sand between his toes, waves crashing at his feet and a cold beverage in hand.

Erin Schuetze, Creative Director
With a strong background in design, marketing and property management, our Creative Director, Erin is one of the main visionaries behind the Benebu concept. Drawing inspiration from architecture, trees, color and light, you will find Erin’s influence in small and large ways in each Benebu designed home. Being married to a real estate entrepreneur has afforded her a unique look into the property management world. Throughout the course of many business ventures, Erin and her husband Tyson, have had many opportunities to work both independently and alongside one another in both real estate and business development. Their shared passions have always been writing, travel and design. Benebu is a serendipitous meeting of those shared experiences. Outside the business, Erin can be found trying to sleep in on Saturday mornings, or enjoying the beach with her two daughters and husband. There is no place she’d rather be than riding bikes with her family, cooking, or exploring estate sales and antique shops. Her idea of the “perfect” vacation would be zero travel delays on the way to any place that includes long walks where you can totally lose track of time. Erin finds herself motivated daily by her daughters, her husband, and the talented, generous and creative people around her.